The Broadband is a highly efficient full frequency acoustic treatment. This stylish bass trap comes fully assembled and integrates with the other units from our modular range as part of an acoustic wall treatment.

The Broadband

From £415
With 38u of rack space, this stylish and ergonomically designed Birch plywood desk is designed to be the hub of any studio. Based on the profile of an SSL G series console, it’s familiar ergonomics makes it an essential studio workstation.

The Hastings

From £1,300
The ceiling cloud is a crucial component in achieving an accurate monitoring and recording environment.

Ceiling Clouds

From £420


From £1,745


From £859
The Synth Stack is an essential piece of studio furniture, it can not only be used to house a growing synth collection, but also great for non rack mount outboard gear and general storage.

The Synth Stack

From £710


From £290
The flutter panel retains the vibrancy and ambience of a space, but diffuses the unwanted short metallic flutter echos that typically occur in most rooms.

Flutter Panels

From £330
19 inch bespoke equipment rack


From £195
The Absorber is a highly efficient acoustic wall treatment.


From £250
The Corner is an efficient acoustic bass trap wall treatment

Corner Traps

From £485
The Wall Panel is a wall or ceiling mounted, affordable acoustic diffuser/absorber.

Wall Panels

From £230