James Burrell
Production Studio

Shepherds Bush, London

This 30 square foot garden studio was built for TV and Film producer/composer James Burrell in 2014. This highly soundproof production room was designed and built by us in the summer of 2014. The Studio was constructed from a timber frame, and finished in cedar cladding.

The interior walls are finished in perforated birch ply panels, allowing maximum space, whilst still incorporating a wide band acoustic treatment. Studio Builds also made the custom electric rising console and bespoke studio furniture.

"Barny is highly resourceful, reliable and inventive. He built an outstanding studio while making the process fun and collaborative . His background as a music producer and studio owner is invaluable. Studiobuilds understands that a space both needs to work practically and feel inspiring. He is brilliant at working with the constraints of a site and proposing cost effective, unique solutions.
I am thrilled with my studio."

James Burrell

Producer, Composer

Waybuloo, Addicted to Sheep, CBeebies, Horses