Neil Comber
Mix Room

Stratford, London

The Trampery on the Gantry is an innovative project comprising of workspaces overlooking the Olympic village and stadiums. Producer and Mixer Neil Comber is leasing the ‘Refreshers’ building to house to his new mix room.

Studio Builds designed and installed the modular acoustic units, consisting of -

2x rear Broadband units
2x suspended ceiling clouds with lighting,
8x side wall mounted absorbers
2x sound proof window cassettes

"Studio Builds did an amazing job soundproofing and acoustically treating my new studio space. He really got what I was trying to do and figured out away of making it happen, all within time and budget. Since I’ve moved in I’ve given his number to half a dozen people wanting to know where I got my amazing panelling from, its the talk or the studio complex!"

Neil Comber

Producer, Mixer

Mia, Florence and the Machine, wolf Alice, Alanis Morrisette. U2