the demand for professional personalised studios is ever increasing, and with our knowledge in design and construction, coupled with many years of studio experience, it makes us the ideal choice to take any project from conception to completion. we can cover all aspects of any build, from initial design conception and planning permissions, through to furniture and equipment installation.
Our services include everything from panning permissions to furniture and bespoke acoustic treatments, so wether your project is a large scale recording studio, or you just need some acoustic treatments in an existing workspace, please get in touch to discuss your needs. 
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“Barny is a unique figure in the studio construction landscape. He can draw on years of experience working in numerous commercial studios as a highly successful engineer, mixer & producer. This gives him an insight into what actually matters in the design, & equally importantly the areas where costs can be saved.”
     — Jim Abbiss (Massive Attack, Adel, Kasabian, DJ Shadow, Tom Odel,
The Temper Trap, Suede, Bjork)